Beatriz Labarca

Principal Geologist
SRK Santiago
Av. Vitacura 2939, Piso 5 Las Condes, Santiago Chile
+56 2 2489 0800
+56 2 2489 0801

Beatriz is a geologist from the University of Chile with 20 years of specific experience in topics related to groundwater mainly for the mining industry in Chile. She became head of the hydrogeology area of SRK Chile in 2007. She has developed and directed multiple projects in a wide range of geological environments. She masters topics related to the design and supervision of the construction of wells and piezometers, hydraulic testing and geophysical methods applied to hydrogeology.

She has extensive knowledge of drainage topics in fracture media for open pits and underground mines, hydrogeology of tunnels, instrumentation, etc., in the field of geotechnics, among related concepts with pore pressure in rock mass. Beatriz is an expert in numerical modelling. She has an expert level of hydrological data management, balance of basins and hydrochemical and isotope studies. She has developed  different hydric studies for environmental and sectorial permits including aspects related to water rights. She has had participation in due diligence, investment NI 43-101 reports, peer reviews and audits.

Beatriz is an active member of the College of Geologists of Chile, ALHSUD, IAH and AUSIMM.

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