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Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering

Providing you with a clear, comprehensive set of foundation design options and their time-related risks is a cornerstone of our engineering services. You can compare these alternatives and make an informed decision on the best one for your needs and risk profile. Whether it's a mine development, a tunnel, a road cutting or a multi-storey building, you don't need to risk costly surprises from unforeseen settlement, instability or seismic hazards. Our experience helps you minimize risk and keep projects on track and within budget.

If your project site is on soft compressible soil or landfill, we can provide options for ground improvement and foundation support that include conventional piles, wick drains, stone columns, preloading and weight compensated foundations that use lightweight cellular concrete.

Whether you are involved with residential construction or resource extraction, we can deal with accelerated erosion from construction ground disturbance and/or waste disposal. For complex situations, we use computer models to forecast erodibility and sedimentation.

As you move through the earth, SRK can support your buildings, your roads, your rivers and canals, the bridges over them and the tunnels under them.


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