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Geochemical Predictions of Metal Leaching and Acid Generation: Geologic Controls and Baseline Assessment

Rob Bowell, S. B. Rees, Jeff Parshley
Saturday, January 1, 2000
First presented: 
Geology of the Great Basins 2000
Published paper

An essential component in the evaluation of a mineral deposit or a mine development project is the consideration of environmental impact, particularly the leaching of deleterious elements such as As and many of the transition metals or of Acid Rock Drainage (ARD) generation. A major part of this assessment is the potential for the materials within the mineral deposit to degrade land or water.

In order to make this assessment testwork or modeling programs are conducted to predict the magnitude of impact and to assess future changes. Very often this work is carried out late in a development timetable and can lead to frustrating and costly delays for the developer. However, the prediction of geochemical impacts from a mineral deposit can be qualitatively determined at an early stage in development and used to execute a more efficient impact assessment.

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