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Mining Social License After a Bull Market: Lessons to Learn for the Next Up Cycle

Maureen Upton
Wednesday, September 23, 2015
First presented: 
Denver Gold Forum 2015

Social license is the acceptance of a company and its activities in the eyes of their stakeholders. Without social license a number of negative things can happen - projects can be delayed, or blocked all together, the stock of the company can be sold or shorted, and the valuation of the company can suffer. Watch Maureen's presentation to learn about social license After a Bull Market and what you should know for the next up cycle.

Feature Author

Maureen Upton
Maureen Upton is a leading expert in sustainable development, with over 27 years of professional experience focused mainly in the extractive industries. She has authored many publications on the economic and social impact of mining, given keynote speeches at industry events around the world, and produced films focused on the human impact of resource extraction. She is one of the industry's thought leaders on social license to operate, corporate social responsibility, stakeholder engagement, capacity building, international economic development, and occupational and community health. As a Spanish and Portuguese speaker, her work and travel have taken her across five continents and 32 countries assessing the economic and social impact of mining. 
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