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Established in January 1974, SRK looks back with pride on the past three decades and forward with enthusiasm to SRK’s prospects in the years ahead.

This newsletter is a celebration of SRK’s past 30 years. Profiles are presented for some 80 projects; these projects illustrate the range of services covered by the practice and include some that are, and have been, pivotal in the development of the SRK Group.

Clients have sought SRK’s advice on projects from the high Andes through the Russian tundra to the deserts of Africa; projects ranging from developing hypotheses on ore genesis through project development, operations improvement and, increasingly, mine closure.

SRK CEO Brian Middleton comments, “The respect and trust of our clients has been an inspiration and a driving force in the evolution of our business. We are thankful for their support, encouragement, counsel and friendship.”

The practice has always recognized that it can only be as good as the staff we are able to attract, develop and retain. This is reinforced every time SRK gains a good team member. SRK founding partner Oskar Steffen comments, “We are and have been privileged to work with outstanding professional technical and support staff throughout the world. Encouraging talented individuals to attain their potential remains our most important task.”

SRK Group Chairman Neal Rigby concludes, “We look forward to our next three decades with confidence and enthusiasm. The future will continue to be an exciting one. For the minerals industry, key challenges include increasing returns for shareholders and improving the image from an environmental perspective. For infrastructure industries a myriad of opportunities exist for improvements. We believe the technologies are available for project owners to significantly enhance performance in these areas; at SRK, we are up to these challenges.”

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