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SRK developed structural model for identifying gold mineralisation at Tanjianshan, China.AFCAN Tanjianshan
SRK’s Cam McCuaig, Principal Geologist, at the AFCAN Tanjianshan project site which lies on the northern edge of the Himalayan plateau, Qinghai province, China. SRK developed a structural model for Tanjianshan focusing on the timing, kinematics and 3D geometry of the fault system that hosts gold mineralization. The model, used to assess risk and potential upside to resources, has provided successful targets to identify further mineralization. SRK is also assisting with geotechnical engineering advice.

SRK analysed remote sensing imagery to identify promising areas for exploration in Turkey.Remote Sensing
SRK used a remote sensing application for the mineral exploration of approximately 7,000km2 in Turkey for Tuprag, a subsidiary of Eldorado. Five ASTER images were analyzed according to the clay mineral spectra. Several enhancement methods were applied to the images, including selective principal component analyses, decorrelation stretching, and color transformation. The promising areas were identified as GIS-ready products that the client could make use of immediately.

Leapfrog models and field mapping of the Jinfeng gold deposit were used for resource estimation and exploration.Jinfeng Deposit
SRK’s Andrew Ham, geologist, mapping a road exposure at Sino Gold’s Jinfeng gold deposit in southern China. A detailed review of structural ore controls in this Carlin-style gold system was completed. Leapfrog models, field mapping and updated interpretations of cross-sections were used to constrain the geological model prior to resource estimation. Results were also used to focus Sino’s near-mine exploration program.

SRK provided competent person report for Chalco's IPO on New York and Hong Kong stock exchanges.Chalco
SRK’s Chalco team in China. When the SRK competent person report supported the listing of the Aluminium Corporation of China (Chalco) on the New York and Hong Kong stock exchanges, it raised SRK’s profile. At the time (mid-2001), China was becoming more active in Western affairs. China has since joined the World Trade Organization, won the 2008 Olympics bid, and become a focus for exploration, mining and minerals demand.

SRK conducted feasibility study for Sukhoi Log gold deposit in northern Siberia, including developing mine plan, recommending infrastructure, and conducting environmental reviews.Sukhoi Log
SRK conducted a full feasibility study and bankable document for developing one of the largest unmined gold deposits in the world in remote northern Siberia. SRK examined the open pit mine site, developed the mining plan, verified the process, recommended necessary infrastructure, and conducted environmental assessments. A close working relationship with the Russian Government, scientific institutes and western funders helped to incorporate their requirements.

SRK has strong ties with gold, copper, iron, zinc, and industrial minerals projects in Middle East.Middle East
SRK has had a close association with the Middle East, in particular Iran, Saudi Arabia and Yemen, since the early 1990’s.  These projects include work directly for the state organisations and ministries: Mahd Ad Dahab and Ma’aden, Saudi Arabia; the Ministry of Industries and Mines and Iranian Mines; the Minerals Industries Development and Renovation Organisation; and the private sector. The projects have included gold (Al Hajar, Al Amar, Mahd, As Suk, Sukhaybarat); copper (Sungun, Sar Cheshmeh); iron ore (Chador Malu, Gol-e-Gohar, Kermanshah); zinc (Angouran, Zanjan) and industrial minerals (Esfordi phosphate, Zarghat magnesite, Umm Wa’al and Jalannid phosphate).

SRK reviewed assets and prepared independant review to support Vendata Resources's IPO.Sterlite
When Sterlite Industries India decided to list its resources businesses on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) as Vedanta Resources, SRK was chosen to prepare the Independent Engineers’ report for the Listing Particulars. Together with specialist associates, SRK reviewed each asset and prepared an independent opinion of projections and cashflow forecasts. Vedanta Resources, listed on 5 December 2003, was the largest mining IPO in the world that year and the second largest on the LSE.

SRK undertook feasibility study including definition drilling, pit optimization, tailings disposal, and environmental assesment for Angouran deposit.Angouran
The Angouran zinc oxide and sulphide deposits in Iran are world-class in terms of both tonnage and grade. In 2002-2003 SRK undertook a feasibility study including the design and supervision of definition drilling, 3D resource modelling, ore variability estimates, pit optimisation, tailings disposal, and environmental impact assessment.

SRK carried out baseline environmental studies for Saudi Arabia's government mining company.Ma'aden
SRK has carried out environment baseline studies on all the active and proposed mine sites for Ma’aden, the State Mining Company in Saudi Arabia. Environmental Impact Statements have been done for three sites, and more are at the proposal stage. SRK is busy conducting water supply studies for two proposed new developments which, in the desert, pose quite a challenge.

Russia's profile is rising in mining, and SRK has many projects ongoing in the country.Russian Projects
The number of projects SRK carries out in Russia has increased rapidly over the last few years. Clients include companies in the mining and investment community based in Russia as well as internationally. Projects include CPRs, project finance reviews and bankable feasibility studies. The Russian mining sector is growing in importance both to SRK and the mining industry as a whole.

SRK supports strategic analysis of iron ore mines for possible reopening in Ukraine.Iron Ore Mining
System Capital Management (SCM) recently privatized two large iron ore mining and processing complexes in Krivoy Rog, Ukraine. SRK is working with SCM on a strategic analysis of the mining and concentrator/pelletizing operations, computerizing geological and planning data for the possible reopening of No 4 Pit. SRK is also assessing the replacement or renewal of sinter plant capacities at two SCM metallurgical plants near Donetsk.

SRK rehabilitates quarry to international standards and post-mining use.Lafarge Quarry
SRK developed a quarry rehabilitation plan in central Anatolia for Lafarge-Turkey. The project team adopted a comprehensive approach to meet current regulations following national, international and European Union standards and Lafarge’s Quarry Rehabilitation Policy. The plan was based on geological, geotechnical and environmental studies. The team used flowcharts and 3D diagrams to outline the steps needed to return the site to acceptable post-mining land use.

SRK characterised Ovacik open pit gold mine to enable safe dewatering.Ovacik Gold Mine
SRK was contracted to make a dewatering assessment for the open pit of the Ovacik Gold Mine in western Turkey. The team designed a field investigation program, drilled pumping and observation wells and conducted aquifer tests. The site was then characterized using the data collected and a 3D groundwater model was developed. A system was designed to dewater the pit using this model.

SRK completed engineering studies to support environmental permitting of Kazan Trona.Kazan Trona
SRK assisted Rio Tinto in applying for operation and development permits including environmental permits for the Kazan Trona Project in Turkey. Trona is a carbonate mineral used in the glass industry. SRK completed supporting engineering studies during the preparation of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) which has been submitted to initiate the EIA procedure.

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