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How did the International Cyanide Code get started?

How did the International Cyanide Code get started?

In response to public concern about environmental impacts from gold mining operations, the mining industry set up a stakeholder group under the United Nations Environmental Program to address prevention planning. The group developed a certification program to demonstrate responsible management of cyanide, protection of human health and prevention of environmental impacts. Companies comply with a set of nine principles related to cyanide handling and use, and must pass periodic audits. As of October 2009, 21 gold mining companies, 12 cyanide producers and 23 cyanide transporters were Signatories.

Part of the Code’s strength is its public transparency. Audits are conducted by an independent company with demonstrated expertise that is able to show no conflict of interest with the audited company. Browse to learn more.

SRK assists mining operations internationally to comply with the requirements of the International Cyanide Code. Our services include engineering designs; monitoring plans, closure plans and other documentation; and pre-audits/audits. 

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