Carolina Palma

Senior Geotechnical Engineer
SOCHIGE MSc, Ingeniería Geotécnica
SRK Santiago
Av. Vitacura 2939, Piso 5 Las Condes, Santiago Chile
+56 2 2489 0800
+56 2 2489 0801

Carolina is a Civil Engineer and holds a Master in Geotechnical Engineering, with over 14 years of specific experience in geotechnical engineering, having worked in different mining and civil engineering projects.

She has extensive experience in the analysis and geotechnical design of dams using 2D and 3D numerical modeling and she is an expert in stability studies   and geotechnical design for spent ore dumps, waste dumps, leach pads and tailings deposit.

Carolina has led important projects for geotechnical research, design for foundations and slopes including large field exploration campaigns at pre-feasibility and feasibility engineering level. 

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