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Geomechanical and Numerical Modelling

SRK Consulting has a team of specialists with the expertise of providing solutions to geomechanical problems by using empirical and numerical methods applied to the stability of underground excavations, slope stability of different surface structures, tailings dam, waste dumps among others.

We use a wide variety of software in order to carry out different assessments expressed in a deterministic and probabilistic analysis for design. Our wide-ranging experience in numerical modelling allows us to have a more realistic vision of their behavior in order to optimize the design.

Our selected software, including Sblock, Slide and FlacSlope, provides us the chance to analyze slope stability using the limit equilibrium method. SBlock is also widely used due to its solid tools for probabilistic analysis using key block theory and a probabilistic approach.

Phase2, FLAC2D and FLAC3D software programs are used worldwide for the tensile-deformation analysis in continuous media as well as UDEC and 3DEC for discontinuous media.

SRK´s geomechanical and numerical modelling team has undertaken the following key studies:

  • Deterministic and probabilistic analysis for slope stability
  • Geotechnical design for open pit mines
  • Geological-geotechnical characterization
  • Stress analyses for stability of underground works
  • Data interpretation of lab tests and estimation of intact rock and rock mass properties
  • Geomechanical evaluation and optimization of mining methods
  • Design for underground excavations and pillars
  • Design and evaluation of extraction level, undercutting level, etc.
  • Design and evaluation of mining sequence
  • Design for the mining layout
  • Evaluation and prediction of subsidence
  • Evaluation of risks and geomechanical hazard (rockburst, collapse, etc.)
  • Design of fortification and support for underground works
  • Static and dynamic analysis of stability for waste dumps, tailings dam and leach heaps
  • Assistance to Geotechnical Review Boards
  • We also have extensive experience in geotechnical risk analysis (Risk Map). This tool provides better data for our clients in order to choose among the different types of design alternatives.

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