Camilo Raúl de los Hoyos

Senior Geologist
SRK Mendoza
Av. Emilio Civit 404 (M5502GVR) Ciudad de Mendoza Mendoza, Argentina
+54 261 425 6616
+54 261 425 6604

Camilo de los Hoyos is a Senior Consultant geologist at the SRK´s Mendoza office with 12 years of experience in water resource assessment, environmental geochemistry, lithium-potassium brine exploration in salars and igneous/metamorphic petrology. He has participated in several small- and medium-scale water resource projects in Argentina and Venezuela. Key experience in Acid Rock Drainage and Metal Leaching (ARDML) assessment as well as ARD treatment and mine waste remediation programs. Experience in Lithium-potassium brines includes comprehensive resource exploration programs, geological exploration/assessment of materials for brine processing and Technical Due Diligence. Doctoral Thesis on geochemistry, isotope geochronology and geothermobarometry applied to petrology and geotectonics.

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