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Exploration Services

Innovative resource modeling and interpolation solutions for your project

Successful exploration relies on effective prediction and interpretation of the geophysical and geological data available. Our core strengths include advanced structural interpretation skills, the ability to connect the minerals systems to the structural setting, systemic orebody targeting, and 3D modelling. We specialise in the development of process-driven, conceptual models to identify and improve the understanding of your mineral targets. Our in-house consultants have expert knowledge of the mechanisms of ore body formation and distribution within a wide range of geological and tectonic settings.

The exploration industry is becoming much more focused on discovering deeper or “blind” ore bodies as targeting in easily accessible areas is becoming more limited. There is belief that many of these areas have been explored. Delivering exploration success in deep targeting requires a much more reliable understanding of the geometry of structures in the third dimension. This need is driving development of 3D modelling and 3D visualisation technologies, ensuring that mineralisation targets are defined by more than one or two simple exploration or mining parameters, and is directly focused on adding value to the project.

In the near future, these technologies will be essential tools, and we are applying all of these technologies, as well as undertaking research and development of our own. We have developed the cutting-edge Leapfrog software under a joint venture arrangement with ARANZ Applied Research Associates of New Zealand, which enables immediate visualisation of mineralisation patterns in 3D through a single interactive processing environment. This software has the ability to rapidly provide multiple geological models which the developers say cannot be replicated by other software products. 


  • Regional tectonic and metallogenic syntheses to provide context for province selection, property acquisition and project generation, including ranking of exploration targets for specific deposit styles or commodities
  • Advanced geophysical and remote sensing geological and remote sensing geological and structural interpretation
  • Detailed structural analysis, from basin to ore deposit scale, emphasising 4D controls on mineralisation
  • Deposit scale structural evaluation to define geotechnical domains and hydrogeological controls
  • Auditing of exploration programs
  • Exploration risk evaluations
  • Tailor-made, onsite geophysical interpretation training courses with a focus on empowering exploration geologists with the knowledge required for the geological interpretation of geophysical data
  • Tailor-made, onsite structural geology training courses with a focus on practical tools for exploration and mine geologists

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