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Design of Large Underground Excavations

SRK Consulting offers services for the geotechnical design and stability for underground excavations ranging from the scoping study phase, as well as prefeasibility, feasibility studies and final layout to operation and closure.

Our experience covers geotechnical-structural characterization, rock mass classification, analysis and preliminary design of underground excavations, 3D geological and geotechnical modelling, numerical modelling, consulting services for operation and training.

SRK´s applied focus in design and study of underground excavations offers our clients advantages such as:

  • SRK´s experience covers all geotechnical and stability aspects of excavations for a variety of mining projects all over the world. We are able to identify what international practices are the best that could return financial benefits for our client´s operations.
  • Our planning processes are based on costs and risks, our methodologies for the design of underground excavations consider all practical aspects in regards to operational criteria.
  • SRK has a long-time practice in the design and study of underground excavations and makes sure to constantly examine and update methodologies for stopes and block/panel caving design by conducting internal training to which key clients are invited. This type of activities is based on SRK´s policy of active transfer of technology.

In SRK, we believe our methodologies are more practical and respond better to our clients´ financial needs than the conventional processes. More important, SRK´s focus will adapt in order to fulfill each project´s requirement which are achieved through communications with each client prior to presenting a proposal or undertaking any task.


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