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Civil and Structural Engineering

SRK Argentina provides professional staff with broad experience in geological - geotechnical investigation, design and construction of important tunnels in rock and soil in South America.

Tunnel and Underground Excavation:

  • Geological - Geotechnical Investigation
  • Studies on alternative routes and excavation methodology
  • Geotechnical design of tunnel portal and dumpsites
  • Structural Dimensioning
  • Permitting
  • 2D and 3D Modelling of the construction procedure
  • Tender documents
  • Cost estimates
  • Construction specification
  • Technical advice during construction
  • Project auditing
  • Optimization of the construction process
  • Underground excavation
Executive project of industrial buildings, steel structures, special structures and foundations for monuments, works of art, billboards and antennas. Reinforcement and structural rehabilitation of foundations, industrial structures, bridges, tunnels and viaducts. Executive project of industrial and civil buildings, public and private, including schools, libraries, hospitals, private homes, condos, sheds and...
Seismic hazard analysis. Seismic design of dams and power plants. Seismic verification of tunnels, ports, breakwaters and large diameter ducts. Seismic design of piers, wharfs, breakwaters and other port structures. Dynamic analysis of rockfill dams.
SRK’s structural geologists have a broad experience of the contrasting technical issues where structural geology impinges during the various stages of exploration and production.
Structural fitness verification of boilers, compressors, bridles and high pressure floodgate for oil and gas industry. Structural reinforcement and rehabilitation of ships and naval structures.
SRK specialises all aspects of source rock and hydrocarbon characterisation and quality assessment
Design of flexible foundations, slabs, sheet piles, retaining walls and port structures. Analysis of large diameter ducts under seismic loads. Analysis of interaction and post-critical behaviour of HDPE ducts. Executive projects of conventional and post-tensioned pavements for port and industrial works.
Civil rail and tunnel services
Executive project of urban tunnels, metro stations, chambers and pumping stations, transfer gateway, ventilation ducts. Structural design and rehabilitation of mining tunnels, cofferdams, diversion tunnels, radier slabs, coatings, shafts and emboquilladuras.

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